About Us

Learn more about the Flex Your Face Movement and what drives us to do what we do.



Life gets hard. Life gets complicated. Sometimes we get caught up chasing someone else's dreams. Flex Your Face was created to encourage everyone to slow down, take a deep breathe, restart your mind and then ignite your life. We do this by building the community around the simple concept of celebrating the small moments in your day, like a smile.



Our goal is not only to recognize and celebrate these small moments in your life but to help create them, every single day.



Our pursuit to ignite people's lives by keeping things simple has led us all over the country, and now across the world. Each beautiful day brings an enormous amount of opportunity. Get excited because we're Coming.


   Founder's Notes

"Life presents challenges to us all. It was only when I worked through some personal darkness in my life that the birth of Flex Your Face was initiated. When I simplified my life and got back to the root of what makes me happy, my days got better. I am excited to grow and empower the Flex Your Face team every single day."

-Ryan Esbjerg, Founder

   Be Happy in Each Moment, That's Enough