Flex Talks

Our mission is to ignite your life through the celebration of small moments in your day.

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    “Funny, engaging, and inspiring all at once while reminding us to celebrate life each and every day. The mission is something everyone can stand behind and we are so grateful to be a part of it.”
    Jamie Tourangeau
    HR Manager - Lund - VT
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    “Ryan came to the Lund staff retreat as the keynote speaker to present the mission behind Flex Your Face. It was a hit! He touched everyone in attendance with his honesty and his energy. We were reminded how important our work is and by celebrating the small moments in our day how fulfilling our lives really can be”
    Kirtani Mathauer
    Family Educator - Lund, VT
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    “After the Flex Talk, I've had the opportunity to examine my life and identify the quality of life I would like for the future. I have awoken each day and made a conscious choice to smile and find joy/positivity in the small moments. I have a new desire and drive to enjoy every second of this life I have been given.”
    Hope Love
    Lund, VT

Know Your Why

We promote the importance of finding "Your Why" so that when life throws some punches you're ready and can push through the momentary challenge.

Build Community Within

We connect your staff and students with the larger Flex Your Face community increasing positive healthy connections daily. Momentum Builds Motivation.

Students of All Ages

We connect with employees about the importance of daily fulfillment and finding happiness within the community they are part of. We spend most of our lives with our co-workers, life is better when we enjoy it.


We connect with students and discuss the importance of recognizing and celebrating the small daily successes in their personal adventure and thats what every school day should be - an adventure!

Ignite Positivity

Through the recognition and celebration of the small moments in our day that make us smile, we build continued momentum by connecting your staff or students to local adventures that reinforce those same moments.

Individuality as a Tool For Change

There is no one, there never has been, or ever will be anyone like you. We encourage individuals to recognize how awesome and unique their impact is on this beautiful Earth. Both within their immediate community and across the world.

Interested in hosting a Flex Talk?

We travel all around the world to deliver the Flex Your Face message -- reminding everyone to enjoy the small moments in life that make us smile.

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